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Direct store distribution

And many more!

We bring profits to your store!

Our products represent some of the most recognized companies and brands by Latinos living in the US. They are distinguished by having very high customer loyalty.
Unas de las empresas de mayor reconocimiento por los Latinos de USA. Caracterizadas por la lealtad de sus consumidores de varias generaciones.
    • Only 2sq. feet add PROFIT to your store
    • Con muy poco espacio genera GANANCIAS para su negocio
    • Keep your customers engaged and as “repeat customers”
    • ¡Mantenga sus clientes CONECTADOS!

As easy as 1,2,3!

    • We deliver, install and arrange the product racks for you at no cost
    • Instalación y SERVICIO Completo por nuestros Agentes. ¡Sin costo!
    • Every 2-4 weeks, a specialized sales associate visits your store and restocks.
    • Cada 2-4 semanas, nuestro agente de servicio, visita su tienda y resurte
    • You make 35% – 125% margin!
    • ¡35% – 125% MARGEN de Ganancia!

Become a Retailer

We are quickly expanding and looking for new retailer in Southern California for the listed products. Send us a message If you’re interested in becoming a retailer or would like more information on how our products can increase your sales!
Tel: (1-800)263-8791
15925 Garfield Ave.
Paramount, CA 90723

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